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Andhra Cabinet gives nod for UGC revised scales. Manipur Pay Commission Update.

The Andhra Pradesh Cabinet today gave in principle approval for the implementation of University Grants Commission (UGC) revised pay scales 2006, with effect from January 1, 2006.

The Cabinet, which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister K Rosaiah, took the decision to benefit teachers in university colleges and eligible teachers in government and aided degree colleges in the state, Information Minister J Geeta Reddy told reporters in a post-cabinet meeting briefing.

The total financial implication towards payment of arrears up to March 31, 2010 would be Rs 1,080 crore, of which Rs 864 crore would be borne by the Centre and the remaining by the state government. The annual recurring expenditure of about Rs 330 crore would be borne entirely by the state government, she said.

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Manipur Pay Update

Rejecting the blanket order issued by the government over the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendation in state, the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO has questioned the intention of the government for its reluctance in paying the arrear of the employees while the amount for the same has been demanded from the 13th Finance Commission.

A statement issued today by the publicity and information secretary of the JAC, L Priyobratta pointed out that the state government has demanded allocation of more fund to the 13th Finance Commission citing that the implementation of 6th Pay recommendation to employees and pensioners of the state government would be effected from 1-1-2006 .

The government has proposed to the 13th Finance Commission that Rs 1,447 crore arrear for employees and pensioners of the state for the period from 2006 to 2010 would be paid in two installments.

80% of the arrear will be paid in 2010-11 while the remaining 60% will be paid in 2011-12, according to the statement.

The JAC statement questioned why the government is now issuing an order not to pay the arrears to employees and pensioners.

It added that the government had constituted a Committee of Officers with the then Chief Secretary as the chairman on October 1, 2008 to oversee the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendation.

As per the terms of reference, the committee was to submit its reports within four months.

After prolonged cover up of the committee's report, the government has on January 16 issued an order saying that the 6th Pay Commission recommendation would be implemented as per the report of the Committee of Officers.

It stated that the government has failed to make a copy of the recommendations of the Committee of Officers available to the JAC representatives during the meeting held between the two parties.

The JAC representatives were only told that the period of the committee has been extended.

The JAC expressed doubts over the move of the government.

The JAC statement further appealed to all employees and pensioners to participate in the mass silent rally to be held on February 4 .

Source: Hueiyen News Service and E PAO.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Assam employees to cheer : Enhanced pay as demanded with hike in increment and HRA.

he Assam government Friday agreed in principle to pay nearly 500,000 state employees three percent annual increment and 15 percent house rent with retrospective effect from Jan 1, 2006.

“We have decided in principle to grant annual increment at the rate three percent of basic pay and there shall be no increment based on performance,” Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi told reporters.

“I have asked the finance department to send a note for cabinet approval.”

The Sadou Asom Karmachari Parishad (SAKP), the apex union representing Assam government employees, was on a warpath since the state government approved the Sixth Pay Commission report in November last year.

The government then announced to make the new pay scale effective from April 1, 2009 and also said there would be a two percent annual increment and one percent increment based on performance.

The SAKP was demanding the pay scale be made effective from Jan 1, 2006 and do away with the one percent increment based on performance and make it three percent flat annually.

“We are happy that the state government agreed to our demands,” SAKP general secretary Basab Kalita told.

The SAKP in the past two months resorted to a series of agitation against the government.

The chief minister also decided to hike the house rent allowance - 15 percent of the basic for those staying in Guwahati, 12 percent for employees working in other district headquarters and 10 percent in all other places in Assam - irrespective of whether someone was staying in rented accommodation or own house.

“Now we want the employees to work with dedication and bring about a distinct work culture in the state,” the chief minister said.

Also View the PTI release .

Tripura implements UGC pay scale, hikes Dearness Allowance - 3% for State Govt. employees.

The Left Front government in Tripura has announced to implement a major portion of University Grant Commission’s (UGC) recommendation in regard to pay hike and service benefits to the college teachers.
Finance Minister Badal Choudhury said yesterday that the state cabinet decided to implement UGC pay bands with the financial and carrier advancement benefits to all degree colleges in Tripura with retrospective effect from January 1, 2006, which would give benefit to about 450 college teachers.

He said additional Rs 12 Crore would be required for arrear payment while more than Rs 20 Crore would be needed annually for implementing the new pay structure for them.

''We are not giving them opportunity to work for 65 years as recommended by UGC instead of this they will work for 60 years but we would follow all other academic and professional excellences at the time of employment to ensure better education,'' he stated.

The All Tripura Federation of University and College Teachers Organisation(ATFUCTO) had been demanding implementation of sixth pay revision package announced by UGC.

UGC's revised scale had been implemented in all other states with effect from 2006.

Meanwhile, the cabinet had also approved another three per cent dearness allowance (DA) of the state government employees and as a result, the difference of DA between state and the Central government employee reduced to five per cent.

Source : UNI

Thursday, January 28, 2010


View Update of 2011 for Bank And Central Govt.
Update as on 02.02.2010 :

Actual D.A. Increase

Dearness Allowance for workmen and officer employees in banks

Payable for the Year Payable for the months Average CPI No. of slabs % of pay
2010 Feb Mar Apr 3819 382 68.76

Source : IBA

In the month of October, 2009, we projected the likely increase in DA from November, 2010, based on the available data. It proved to be on dot. Thus, from the beginning of January, 2010, we have been receiving letters for projecting the DA for the months of February, 2010, (also applicable for the months of March 2010 and April, 2010). Although, it is absolutely impossible to predict such things as inflation figures widely fluctuate. However, as requested by our readers and based on the trends so far released, we give below our projections for the DA on the existing scales. .
The exact increase for DA cannot be given at this stage as GOI has yet to announce the CPI for the month of December, 2009. However, based on the CPI already announced for the month of October, 2009 and November, 2009, we are doing this guess work. The CPI announced so far are as follows:-
Month CPI
Oct -09 3766
Nov-09 3835
Assuming that there will be another moderate increase in CPI for December (say at the level of 3858), it will result in increase of 32 slabs and DA to be around 68.76%. The projected DA is as follows:
Projected DA Table for February, 2010 onwards
DA for Nov 09, Dec09 & Jan 10 Like DA for Feb., 10; Mar.,10, April, 10
Index /Slabs / Basic Pay Likely Avg CPI = 3819; Likely Slabs = 382; Likely DA=68.76% Likely Increase in DA (Difference)
10000 6300.00 6876.00 576.00
10470 6596.10 7199.17 603.07
10940 6892.20 7522.34 630.14
11410 7188.30 7845.52 657.22
11880 7484.40 8168.69 684.29
12350 7780.50 8491.86 711.36
12820 8076.60 8815.03 738.43
13320 8391.60 9158.83 767.23
13820 8706.60 9502.63 796.03
14320 9021.60 9846.43 824.83
14880 9374.40 10231.49 857.09
15440 9727.20 10616.54 889.34
16000 10080.00 11001.60 921.60
16560 10432.80 11386.66 953.86
17120 10785.60 11771.71 986.11
17680 11138.40 12156.77 1018.37
18240 11491.20 12541.82 1050.62
18800 11844.00 12926.88 1082.88
19360 12196.80 13311.94 1115.14
19920 12549.60 13696.99 1147.39
20480 12902.40 14082.05 1179.65
21040 13255.20 14467.10 1211.90
21660 13645.80 14893.42 1247.62
22280 14036.40 15319.73 1283.33
22900 14427.00 15746.04 1319.04
23520 14817.60 16172.35 1354.75
24140 15208.20 16598.66 1390.46
24760 15598.80 17024.98 1426.18
25380 15989.40 17451.29 1461.89
26000 16380.00 17877.60 1497.60
26620 16770.60 18303.91 1533.31
27300 17199.00 18771.48 1572.48
27980 17627.40 19239.05 1611.65
28660 18055.80 19706.62 1650.82
29340 18484.20 20174.18 1689.98
30020 18912.60 20641.75 1729.15
30700 19341.00 21109.32 1768.32
31600 19908.00 21728.16 1820.16
32600 20538.00 22415.76 1877.76
300 189.00 206.28 17.28
750 472.50 515.70 43.20
** Actual DA calculations can be made only after GOI releases Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers for December, 2009. This will be done around 31/1/2010

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