Saturday, November 5, 2011

Strike will damage customer confidence: SBI Chairman

State Bank of India today termed the strike called by its officers for November 8 and 9 as unfortunate and said that it would damage the customers' interest and confidence. 

"It is unfortunate. The talks are still going on..." SBI Chairman  told reporters on the sidelines of three-day conference "Bancon 2011", organised by Indian Banks' Association and Indian Overseas Bank here at Chennai.

Stating that the strike called by the All India State Bank Officer's Federation (AISBOF) would damage the interests of its customers, he said, "We expect and hope that the strike will be called off. We have not estimated our losses on account of the strike yet. More than loss of money, it will damage the confidence of our customers". 

Services in the banks' nearly 13,500 branches across the country are likely to be affected as its officers have given a strike call on November 8 and 9. The bank has a customer base of over 13.60 crore 

AISBOF served a notice for the two day country-wide strike in pursuance of certain demands. 

Source : Economic Times
View the Demands HERE

1 comment :

Superdumb said...

Yeah sure..... its perfect statement.
What about employees, are they bound to hang on their confidence still in the organization?
Na na.. Just see the stats of the newly recruited staff of any bank (ranging from clerical to Management Trainees), you will find a simple answer from them "Just Quit". It is as simple as it is, these days they can find a better job than the banking in terms of salary and even more work culture. Nobody will prefer to take pain from the ultimate gods i.e customers as well as from the genius and ultra intelligent superior staff for the superfluous salary. As many of the freshers are thinking that in these jobs they will have much time to spent for themselves compare to private jobs and same in the case of leaves but only they realize this when they stuck in it. Ok lets come out of it, as I am too sick of banking and yeah hopefully i will really get out of it.

And one of the super jokes in this demand is "5 day week". I don't understand logic in it, as our people's Robin hood RBI had already quoted that banks can not be closed for more than three days (if unfortunately any holidays fall consecutively) as our gods may suffer a lot despite many alternative delivery channels. And these associations (whoever i.e clerks or officers) asking for a 5 day a week to Robin hood, oh oh only god will know.... oh no not those gods but real one.....

Listen I don't mean that the way RBI insisting the banks to provide better services to its customers is uncertain but my objection is it only talks about the customers welfare but what about the bank's staff who provide it. It frames the rules and regulations only how a customer would be benefited but it will come to know in future that the expertise and potential staff would have left the banks and definitely customers will get what they want, not from PSU but fortunately foreign or private banks.

Have fun.

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