Friday, February 3, 2012

Five day week in bank : Is there any possibility ?

Update : It may be reality soon. Click here to view latest news.
Bankers have been demanding 5 days week for a very long times, specially since the same has been introduced in central government offices and later on also adopted by RBI for its own offices.
However, till date, government has denied this demand on one plea or the other.  One of the main reasons for denial of this demand is the argument that it will put unnecessary hardships to the general public who wants to withdraw money on Saturdays also.
 It has been in news recently that IBA has recommended 5 days week to Finance Ministry but there is no confirmation available from any authenticated source till date.
As per our view, it is very unlikely that Govt. will allow banks to be open only five days in a week where the largest Public Sector Bank has earlier announced that it is exploring options to open 7 days a week.



Banker are treated like animals. Who cares for them ?

rishi said...

Iven if all govt. Job is enjoying 2days leave why bankers be stopped from different minister will consider it but on verge of 10th bipartite .same history again will created. Jago banker jago.

Ashish Kumar said...

Dude they are worse than animals...and the sadder thing is that even the co bankers are also not helping to young gen newly recruited bankers.

chandan said...

@shyam singh

You are very right brother. Five days banking in India is next to impossible due to unholy nexus between management govt combine and a sizeable section of so called vested interest group in industry.

Sanjay Bhatt said...

Dear Chandan ji & Shyamji

I have written some lines under other topic of this blog like;
Sanjay Bhatt said...


We(Unions) one hand demanding for FIVE DAYS WEEK and Other hand asking for fixation of WORKING HOURS.

February 2, 2012 8:34 PM

If Chandan ji and We all believe that 5 Days week will not possible for banker then We have to pressure our leaders to left to demand 5 days week for us and demand Extra 1(one)day's extra monetary benefit(salary) for us.

If...If... leaders will do as per above, definitely Govt. will ready for 5 days week for bankers.They can't dare for it.

As per my view leaders have no clean intense for it.They are making us fool, and Now We are habitual for that.

Actually IBA and Govt. are not 1st responsible for it but Leaders are responsible for it because they are not taking subject or topic properly. GOI and UFBU starts making background for 10th BPS.
Be ready for Levy. 5 days week point will clubed with X bps.




chandan said...


"Be ready for Levy"

I believe this is the only hard truth in 10th BPS.

Great leaders, Great union.

Sanjay Bhatt said...


No question of Levy at-least for me,because If you remember me, I have already resigned from union 2 years ago and now I am not a member of any union.Once lost trust its not possible to get it again.

And you are right its our fate.

I feel sad due to leaders make us fool like politicians.



(due to lower salary other then other deptt)

Its real welfare for us,But leaders going to be us "KAM CHOR" with useless 5days week point.

Why only banks union not get success,When other deppt. unions get it.

Now days Bank union leaders not take point proper way.
Even today they are working against persons Who are doing something(little) for bank employees favor.

Who is ready for Red Salute?
And For What?

Again not seen transparency from unions.

But Definitely I can salute you for your worship for your great leaders.

chandan said...


"If you remember me, I have already resigned"

How can you think that I forget about you? Today also, when time permits I use to read various comments posted during IX th BPS in this blog under different threads.

Today no one is interested to work in bank except unemployed. Not only salary, but the work culture has been deteriorated to a large extent.

I don't find a future in bank jobs that delivers you peace in mind. Everyone needs balance between professional and personal life, there had been a period when banks were maintaining such crucial balance but presently they are failed to do so. Moreover, we all know, banks wouldn't be able to regain their previous image of the same.



I have completed my 18 years of service and eagerly waiting for my 20 years to complete so that I can quit this blood sucker this job.

Sanjay Bhatt said...

UFBU(Negotiating team for X BPS)

Four months already passed , but no chartered demands given by UFBU to IBA and again hidden agenda and drama started from unions.
Big Brothers BPS converted every 4 years to 5 years for earlier settlement.

IBA already asked banks for provisions for bps,You knows very well.(APRIL/MAY is fixed for putting chartered demands ?)
Please don't give chance for confusions and misunderstandings among members.

You will definitely get LEVY from your members.Please learn from past and do something in favor of members.Tranperency in process is like trust.Without transprency you will lost rest of trust.

Please start early with proper workout, with collective bargaining power, with experience, with true action (strike) on true time. And most important Don't clubbed any point with wage revision.

And last but not least help your members in courts for justice and welfare of them.


chandan said...


Joined in beginning of 1993 in bank through the then BSRB(finally selected in three BSRBs consecutively in 1992-93), leaving eight years and a half govt(state+central) job, I am also thinking in your line and about to start a competitive coaching centre, after completion of 20 years of service in next year.


kkalash said...

thr s a lot f news abt 5day week implementatn n market.. especialy it is said it wud gt startd n SBI frst.. and the date s april 1st.. r v becmn fool(april 1st s a fools day) r sach mein eh hone wala hain? agar april 1st ko start hoga thn kuch tho circular ya news atha na.. bt nthn is heard til date.. anyone who hs reliable info abt ths

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