Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Charter of demand for workmen submitted by UFBU

As informed earlier, UFBU submitted common charter of demand for workmen for 10th bipartite settlement between staff and IBA.
We are analyzing the demands and trying to highlight the salient features. It is uploaded here for comments of the viewers.
Click here to view the demands for workmen
(Submitted by Mr Mohan P.)


Anonymous said...

Most Funny statement in complete Demand Charter is last point 31b "Settlement should be concluded within six months"......

Babu Chari said...

I shall restrict myself for the time being whether the common charter of UFBU for workmen meets the ingredient of good presentation and see if the charter meets these cannons, and aspirations of bank employees. The charter is heavily annotated with embroidered description of banking scenario ( which NUBE has already covered even better in their booklet on charter for 10 b.p.s with justifications) under the heading BACKDROP depicting the increase in wage load from 1st it to 9th bipartite settlementin the first page itself. the data reveals that from Rs30 cr, 30 cr, 120cr.in 4th , 252 in 3rd , 388 in 6th ,818crin 7th ,1288 cr in 8th ,2577 cr in 9th the unions are subtly highlighting that the maximum load factor at best could be 13.5% or nearer to it. It is a to attempt to brain wash/hoodwink the bank employees that this factor is like Einstein law governing our wages. The question is whether even 50%% of the demands from page 36 can be met with this load. WITHOUT MENTIONING LOAD FACTOR THIS CHARTER IS RUDDERLESS and it is a sad spectacle that combine leadership of five unions has started on defensive note. Here we appreciate NUBE the first union to ring the bell bringing transparency and putting of their charter on public domain being the only union to come out with a charter demanding 45 % giving its justifications and rationale. exclusion of NUBE from UFBU is ungrateful since com.l.balasubramanian, now gen .sec of NUBE, then president of NCBE was the root cause for the last bipartite MOU to be signed by UFBU for achieving one more option for pension to nationalized bank employees and questioning the might of major affiliate of NCBE in perpetual percolation of discrimination and disparity between the nationalized bank workforce and SBI workforce and cause erosion of 17.5%. WHOSE INTEREST THEY WANT TO SERVE?

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