Sunday, October 21, 2012

UFBU prepared charter of demand, to submit last week this month

UFBU has prepared the charter of demand for workmen and Officers for the coming 10th bipartite, effective from 1st Nov 2012. In this regard they sought appointment with IBA in the last week of October to submit it.
Following is the full text of the letter to IBA dated 19th October 2012

NO:1462/20/12                                                    Date: 19.10.2012

The Chairman,
Indian Banks’ Association,
Stadium House, 6th Floor,
Block No.3, Veer Nariman Road,
MUMBAI – 400 020.

Dear Sir,


We take this opportunity to convey our good wishes and greetings on the occasion of the Pooja and Deepavali Festivals that would bring all round joy and happiness throughout the country on behalf of the entire workforce in the banking industry. It is also an occasion for the Employees and Officers during the current year to rejoice due to the expiry of the 9th Bipartite Settlement and the resumption of negotiations on the 10th Bipartite Settlement hoping for a fair deal to them in the coming days. You are aware that the 9th Bipartite Settlement period comes to an end on 31st of October 2012, and we will be entitled to get our salary revision with effect from 1st November 2012 after detail negotiations between the IBA and the workmen and officers’ organizations in the banking industry.

2.     It is in this direction that the workmen union and officers’ organizations have collectively prepared comprehensive common charter of demands after threadbare discussions amongst themselves during the last few days and have arrived at a common charter to be submitted both by the Workmen Unions and Officers’ Organizations together with the respective Charter of Demands prepared by both the category of

employees. The tradition that was being followed by the constituents of United Forum of Bank Unions over the last 3 bipartite has been to call on you and submit the same preferably before the expiry of the Bipartite settlement and also to resume negotiations in good time.

3.     Accordingly, we have now kept our Charter of Demands ready for submission to you with a request for early commencement of the negotiations. We therefore request you to kindly fix up a date during last week of October, 2012 and time which is convenient to you and advise the same to us immediately to enable us to call on you and submit our Charter of Demands.

Please treat the matter as urgent.

Thanking you,
   Yours faithfully,



mahesh said...

where is detail information about demnads???

chandan said...

"Opportunity to convey our good wishes and greetings on the occasion of the Pooja and Deepavali Festivals that would bring all round joy and happiness"

They will ask 50% bur definitely settled at 15% after two years. So there is no opportunity to convey good wishes and greetings on the occasion of the Pooja and Deepavali Festivals.

Anonymous said...

All union leaders are nothing but just a puppet, the entire procedure of settlement is waste. I in my opinion request the GOI to scrap the unions and the procedure of settlement. The salary should entirely be based on performance and capability to deliver.10% do their job and rest just sit and do politics and receives equal benefits does not justify the hard work done by those 10% and also based on performance the salary hike should be decided. A rupees worth today is more important than rupees worth tomorrow so why to wait every time for 2 to 3 year to receive the worst salary in the industry. Wake up and think.

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