Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bank Strike on 20th December 2012

View IBA Notice to customers
All India Bank Employees Association and Bank Employees Federation of India  has served Notice on Strike on 20th Dec 2012, to Chairman, protest against :-
-  The attempts of the Government to hurry up with the proposed amendments to the Banking Laws 
- To oppose  attempts  of grouping the Banks for functional coordination with a view to ultimately merge the Banks.
National Union of Bank Employees also supported the strike.

View the BEFI Strike Notice
View the NUBE Circular

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An unfortunate PSU Banker (Asansol, W.B.) said...

Dear Comrades, from now, before call for any Strike or BANDH further, please create maximum awareness among all the bankers community as well as the general people of India for the valid and justified reasons. It is because most of the junior and hardworking clerks and officers of PSU Banks think that the Strike/BANDH are totally absurd and irresponsible measure in today. They are ambitious and hardworking but can be easily misguided by the so-called Management and also by
certain Pro-Management Union Leaders with vested interests. On the other hand, the general public and banking customers should also be known as they always think that the Bankmen are nothing but bunch of unscrupulous people who often call for Strike/BANDH to pressurise the Govt. to just increase their Wage and other service conditions. They donot pay
any heed to the losses of Govt. and sufferings of customers during
the BANDH days. So Comrades, try to print a lot of leaflets describing the reasons for calling Strike/BANDH on that day and circulate among all Bankers. Also please publish a General Notice in front pages of all National and Regional newspapers in BOLD LETTERS at the earliest and also apologise for taking such a harsh step having no other options left,
such that the people of India can realise that the Bankers are also
think for the Nation and the peoples of the Nation besides their
own. I think every Unions/Associations have accumulated a huge crores of
fund by collecting levies and monthly subscriptions from its members from decades. So the cost of printing leaflets and publish General Notice on newspapers is not a big factor at all, as I think. Also please try to organise Strike/BANDH for betterment of present poor salary structure and other HRM related issues and please donot disappointment us (Bankmen) as you all (the so-called Union Leaders) did in 9th BPS. And also donot think only about "middle-aged/to be retired soon" bankers, but also think about the new-recruits. ZINDABAD! ZINDABAD!

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