Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bank Xth BPS : Talk to commence on 22nd February

As per latest  information available-
IBA has called United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) for commencement of discussion / negotiations on Xth Wage Revision on 22nd February, 2013 at  Mumbai.
UFBU has demanded earlier to IBA for early commencement of talks on BPS.
Click here to view AIBEA circular
Information contributed by Mr. Mohan.P


Sanjay Bhatt said...

Now drama will started up to 2years and result will as it is.

Be ready for strikes for your own rights.

Be ready for levy.

Be ready for being a full.


chandan said...

I support Sanjay 100%.

Ashish said...

Hope for the earliest outcome of the Xth Bipartite Settlement. We should keep knocking our representatives!!


When you don't have any alternative it is better to support the only option available with you. So stop criticizing unions and ready for fight.

Anonymous said...

i dont know what we are getting out of these bloody strike other than wage cut and we better know our salary.the most ridiculous part is that whenever these bank union leaders will call for strike they will add that talks with iba to commence on bla bla date and later on we will get another circular that since the talks failed gear up for the next strike.

Sanjay Bhatt said...

Respected Shyamji

You are right but Union Leaders are our representatives for X BPS and etc.Have you seen any fighting mood any of them ?

I was ready for INDEFINITE STRIKE not now but since Nov'2007.You are right We have no option then leaders use us and play with our emotions.


Anonymous said...

I want NPS to be scrapped. There is no surety what pension I will get at the time of retirement. Under NPS the banks are contributing more (10 % on basic + da) than what they are contributing towards the old pension scheme (10 % on basic only). There is no surety that the annuity I will purchase at the time of my retirement will be at least half of my last drawn salary. The old employees have got another pension in the last bipartite. No leader or any union will care for the new employees in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Through this I want to bring forward to your notice of some EXSM bretherns plight. The EX Servicemen joined in banks in clerical cadre can have Pay Protection as per Govt rule.

The correct and latest order regarding pay protection of EXSM from DOPT is clarified in “No. 3/19/2009-Estt. (Pay II) Dated 5th Apr 2010” OM pertaining Re-employed EXSM, which can be easily found in DOPT site or can be googled.

As long as EXSM employed in Banks are concerned, DA on pension has to be surrendered , if they are opting for pay protection. This can be further clarified in PCDA site, “”.

Many Banks though allowing pay protection to EXSM employees, but deduction of DA on pension is not ensured. Despite clear instructions form PCDA, RBI, some EXSM employees hide or supress the facts from their PDAs. This leads to confusion among other EXSM employees whether to forgo DA on pension or put false life certificates.

Some question the module of recovering excess amounts already received by them as DA on pension and refrain others that nothing will happen and proclaim PCDA or Banks can not recover the already paid amounts .

Already letters to Dept of Economic Affairs and Dept of Financial Services have been written. All banks are requested to provide data on the number of EXSM employed with them and whether their DA on pension has been surrendered to concerned Dept , if they have been pay protected , has been asked through RTI.

With a conservative estimate the loss to exchequer may well exceed Rs 50-130 crores.Ensuring of DA deduction from pension by EXSM employees by the banks can save money to respective banks as well as Govt. And give an even platform for all EXSM employed in all banks devoid of any confusion while applying for pay protection. This will also bring down employee cost to banks considerably else open up a new scam in bank.

Thanking you.

Anonymous said...

boss tum 9 th bipartite ka game lagta hey samje nahe sabhe buddhe union leaders agle 5-6 six years me retire hone wale hey....ab inko pata chal gya ke inhone pehle jo murkhta purn kam kiya tha pf option leker usme wo maha murkh ban gaye...pehle jo chiz muft me mil rahe thi uske liye unhone jung lade..aur hey hamre Bank union leadres ...claps..

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