Monday, March 17, 2014

Details of bank bipartite talk on 14.03.2014

Following details have been taken from All India PNB Staff Federation website.
“In our Circular No. 20 dated 3rd March 2014, we had informed about the details of the discussions held with the IBA on that day. Another round of discussions were held today in IBA office, Mumbai between IBA and UFBU. IBA’s team was led by Mr R. K. Dubey (CMD, Canara Bank), Chairman of the IBA’s Core Committee, Mr M. V. Tanksale, Chief Executive, IBA and other Executives. UFBU was represented by leaders of all our constituent unions. 

Carrying forward the discussions held in the last round of talks, some of the important issues like introduction of 5 Day Banking, regulated working hours for officers, etc. were discussed further. While appreciating our viewpoints, IBA wanted further inputs from the Unions in order to examine the issues and to take up the matter with higher authorities. We stressed on the need for providing quarters/ housing accommodation to all employees, 
particularly to those recruited in the Banks in the recent years. IBA opined that the matter needs further discussion at their level. We also demanded that 100% of the medical/hospitalisation expenses incurred by the employees and officers for self/family members should be reimbursed. IBA suggested that the mediclaim scheme proposed by them earlier can be customized in such a way to be handled by the Banks instead of insurance companies or third party administrators. We requested the IBA to furnish details in this 
regard whereafter the issue will be further studied and discussed. 
On our demand for improvement in the Family Pension scheme, extension of 100% DA formula to pre-2002 pensioners, etc., IBA was considerate and agreed to work out the cost implications to enable them to take a view on these demands. To our demand on 
periodical updation of pension on occasions of wage revision, IBA felt that the issue has to be examined, in its entirety, looking at the cost involved, outflow, etc. On reverting to old pension scheme from NPS, IBA expressed their inability to accede to our demand but we reiterated the same. 
To our demand regarding compassionate appointment scheme, IBA conveyed the clarifications sought from the Government to which we explained that UFBU’s view is that the compassionate appointment scheme should be on the lines of the Government scheme and urged upon them to expedite the matter. 
To our demand for improvement in the IBA’s earlier offer on wage increase, IBA informed that they are not able to make further offer. 
It was decided to hold the next round of discussions in the middle of April, 2014 and the date would be finalized. Further developments will be informed to all our units/members 
in due course.” 


S.Lakshman Rao said...

Field of Pension is a very tough subject which has larger public interest.Banking Industry can examine the consultancy services from Retired Pensioners...The intention behind the new idea is to reduce the sufferings of the family to some extent...

Anonymous said...

Central and State Govt retirees' pension is revised in each pay revision. Bank retirees' pension should also be revised in each bipartite agreement. Unions should insist this demand.

sudhakar said...

updation of pension now or never

raamraam said...

D A neutrlisation is long pending issue. I think U F B U will rise to the occasion atleast now & save the suffering pensioners .

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