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National JCM demanded hefty hike in pay for central employees

Memorandum submitted to seventh pay commission.
Salient features of Memorandum to VII_CPC submitted by the National JCM on common issues.
Pay Band & Grade Pay:

Staff side decided to demand reversal of the PB & GP System to distinct pay scale system.

Highest Salary
It is suggested that this ratio should be 1 : 8.

Proposed Pay Structure
See Below (at the end of this article)

Rate of Increment
Demanded the rate of annual increment at 5%.

Fitment Formula
Demanded a uniform multiplication factor (26000/ 7000 = 3.7) to be applied uniformly in all the cases to arrive at the revised pay in the new scale of pay. 

Fixation of Pay on promotion
The benefit on promotion should be “Two increments in the feeder cadre with a stipulation that the amount of benefit so arrived at must not be less than the difference of the minimum of the scale of pay of the feeder cadre and the minimum of the scale of the cadre to which one is promoted

Date of effect.
1. To implement the recommendations of VII CPC with effect from 1.1.2014 especially in the background that the desirable tenure of the earlier Commission’s recommendations expired on 1.1.2011.

2. To merge DA and treat the same as pay for all purposes and ad when the DA entitlement reaches 50%

3. To set up the next wage revision body or Pay Commission sufficiently before the expiry of five years.

Dearness allowance.
The existing formula of computation of DA and its payment with effect from 1st January, and 1st July, may continue. 

House Rent allowance.
X classified cities:60% :                     
Y classified towns:40% ;                    
Z classified places:20%

Compensatory City allowance.

Pay  Range                                X classified city                Other places

Pay upto Rs. 50,000                           10% of pay              5% of pay

Pay of more than Rs. 50000                  6% of pay              3% of pay

Transport allowance.

Pay  Range                        X classified city                              Y classified towns.

Pay upto Rs75,000           Rs. 7500 + DA                           Rs. 3750 +DA

Above Rs. 75,000           Rs. 6500 +DA                             Rs. 3500+ DA

Classification of Posts.

All cadres, which were characterised as “Gazetted” may be placed in the Group of Executive and the rest in non-executive.
Pay scale 

Number PB  PB No GP Pay+GP

S.1 5200-20200 1 1800 7330 26000

S-2 5200-20200 1 2000 8060 33000

S-3 5200-20200 1 2800 11170 46000

S-4 9300-34800 2 4200 14430 56000

S-5 9300-34800 2 4800 18750 74000

S-6 9300-34800 2 5400 20280  78000

S-7 15600-39100 3 5400 22140 88000

S-8 15600-39100 3 6600 26410 102000

S-9 15600-39100 3 7600 29920 120000

S-10 37400-67000 4 8900 48590  148000

S-11 37400-67000 4 10000 54700 162000

S-12 75500-80000 HAG & HAG + 0 75500 193000

S-13 80000( Fixed ) Apex Scale 0 80000 213000

S-14 90000  (Fixed) Cab Secy 0 90000 240000
[Above table is arranged as Pay Band, PB 1/2/3/4, Grade Pay, Minimum in existing scale and Proposed Initial Pay(in bold)]
View the detailed memorandum


Trishuli Trinetra said...

Better to be D group worker in central government than a Senior group A officer in Karnataka govt.Karnataka govt intial salary is just Rs 34000 where as the the initial salary of group D worker in 7th pay comission exceeds Rs 34000


HRA proposal is very resanable and in Pay also very resanable and to cut the differences between Direct and promotee officers and Staff

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