Thursday, April 30, 2015

Six Per Cent DA Hike For Haryana Govt Employees

Haryana Government today released the much-awaited hike in Dearness Allowance (DA) for state government employees by Six per cent with effect from from January 1, 2015.
Stating this here today, Finance Minister Capt Abhimanyu said that now the employees would get DA at the rate of 113 per cent of their basic pay thus registering an increase of six per cent in the dearness allowance.

Bank D.A. to increase 4 slabs for May/June/July 2015

All India Consumer Price Index Number (AICPIN)for Industrial Workers (IW)Base 2001=100 for the month of MARCH 2015 has been released by Labour Bureau,Ministry of Labour ,GOI today which stood 254 points with an Increase of 1 points while compared to February figure.

Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - CPI(IW) : March 2015

Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - CPI(IW) increased by one point and stands at 254 for March 2015.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Karnataka hikes D.A. from 01.01.15 : Issues order

Karnataka Government has announced 3.5% hike in Dearness Allowance.
"Government are also pleased to sanction increase in the rates of Dearness Allowance from the existing 25.25%  to 28.75%  of the Basic Pension/Family Pension with effect from
1st January 2015 to the State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners and Pensioners/Family Pensioners of the Aided Educational Institutions whose Pension/Family Pension is paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the State."

The increase  in Dearness  Allowance  admissible  under this order is payable  in cash.
Click here for the order

Bank D.A. likely to remain same for May/June/July 2015

Click here to view the update as on 30/04/2015
At present the DA (as per 9th BPS) is @ 110.10%, for the months of  February,  2015 to April  2015.    The CPI has moved up only marginally much during January 2015, and it actually fell for the month of February 2015.   In March it again is expected to marginally go down  Thus, in the given scenario, there is not much scope for DA increase from May, 2015, and in all probabilities will remain at the same level i.e. 110.10% or at maximum it may move margianlly up but less than 0.50%.      Thus, we projected that DA for May 2015 will be at same levels i.e. 110.10%
(The exact position will be known on 30th April 2015)

Cabinet approved minimum Rs 1000 pension under Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995

Minimum pension of Rs. 1,000/- per month in perpetuity to Pensioners of Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995 
 The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today gave its approval for continuation of the minimum pension of Rs. 1,000/- per month to the pensioners of Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995 (EPS) beyond the financial year 2014-15 on perpetual basis. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 1.1.2015

Order Issued.
"....The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's OM No. 42/10/2014- P&PW(G) dated 29th September, 2014 on the subject mentioned above and to state that the President is pleased to decide that the Dearness Relief (DR) payable to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 107% to 113% w.e.f. 1 st January, 2015...."
Click here for the order

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Central employees to march Parliament on 28th, demand scrapping of NPS, merger of DA

Central Government employees have decided to hold a demonstration near Parliament on April 28 for bringing to notice their long-pending demands such as scrapping of the new pension scheme, merger of dearness allowance, and putting a stop to outsourcing, among others.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Asset and Liabilities return under "Lokpal" - date extended again

The last date of filing Asset and Liabilities return has been extended to 15th October 2015 from 30th April 2015.
Click here to view the extension order.

Friday, April 24, 2015

6% DA hike for Gujarat govt employees, pensioners

Gujarat government has raised dearness allowance of state government employees and pensioners by 6% with effect from 1st January 2015.
Chief Minister Anandiben Patel made this announcement.
This will put additional burden on state Exchequer by Rs. 811.41 crore annually.
Employees will be paid raised DA for period of 1 January 2015 to 30 April 2015 in cash.
At present the state government employees, panchayat employees and state government pensioners get 107% DA which will be 113% with 6% increase.
Around five lakh employees and retired employees will get benefit of this increase.

Pay Commission report this year : F.M.

Friday, April 24, 2015, New Delhi: The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on  pay revision of the central government employees is expected to be submitted to the government this year, the Lok Sabha was  today informed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tamilnadu to get 6% D.A. from January 2015

6% DA for TN State Government Employees from Jan 2015
An another announcement of hiking in Dearness allowance to the employees of State Government of Tamil Nadu today.
Tamilnadu Chief Minister announces an additional DA to state employees from 1.1.2015.
Click here for the order
More than eighteen lakh state government employees will get the hike, which is effective from 1.1.2015.
Following the Central Government, the state government has declared DA to its employees from the existing rate of 107% to 113% with effect from 1.1.2015.

No Official tour by premium train : DOPT clarifies

In line with the earlier clarification regarding travel by premium trains on LTC, Dopt clarifies that official tours can not be performed by premium trains. If the journey has already been performed by any of this trains, reimbursement will be restricted to the admissible normal fare of entitled class.
Click here to view the clarification. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GPF Rate stands at 8.7% for 2015-16

View the Finance Ministry Notification

BSNL Employees On Two Days Strike

As per the call of BSNL Unions / Associations, the BSNL employees, both executive and non executives, numbering about 2.25 lakhs, are on strike for two days, April 21 - 22 demanding immediate action by Govt. of India and BSNL Management for the revival of BSNL.
Click here for details.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Odisha Govt announced an increase in DA by 6% for its employees

The State government on Monday announced an increase in the Dearness Allowance (DA) by six per cent for its employees effective from January 1, 2015. The hike in DA approved by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will be applicable to all state government employees including the work charged and job contract employees.
The hike in DA would come into force with retrospective effect from January 1 this year and the employees would avail the enhanced DA in their salary from April. The decision would benefit four lakh government employees.

The State government employees are currently getting 107 percent DA on their basic pays which will go up to 113 percent with this hike.

Friday, April 17, 2015


As scheduled ,the Sub Committee meeting of  Indian Banks Association (IBA)and Bank Unions( UFBU ) took place on 16th April'15 at Mumbai.
 All details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme was discussed. Scheme will be finalised shortly.
 Bank Unions( UFBU)  have asked IBA  to workout a similar scheme  for the retirees also.
 In the afternoon discussions on other demands of workmen and officers were discussed.
  Negotiating committee meeting will be held during next week and pay scales etc will be discussed. 
News provided by Mr Mohan P.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rajasthan hikes D.A. for employees and pensioners, issues order

The Rajasthan government on Monday announced a hike in the Dearness Allowance to 113 per cent to its State employees effective from January 1, 2015, an official of the Finance Department said.
In its order the State Finance Department raised the DA rate from 107 per cent to 113 per cent of basic effective from January 1, 2015, the official said here.
Revised DA would be deposited in the GPF of employees for the period of three months, which is January 1 to March 31, while the cash would be disbursed to employees with the April month’s salary on May 1, quoting the order the official said.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sub committee meeting on bank bipartite on 16th April

As per the Minutes signed by the Bank Unions (UFBU)and Indian Banks Association(IBA) on 23rd Feb 2015
the 10th Bi partite Settlement on Bank Employees wage Revision has to be signed within 90 days.

In this process all issues as per Charter of Demand ,has to be sorted out within that period.

The Sub committee meeting on medical reimbursement is scheduled to be held on 16th April at 11.00 am. Meeting with workmen unions will be held at 2.00 pm

News courtesy : Mohan.P

Friday, April 10, 2015

Central D.A from 01.01.2015 : Order Issued (Original !)

After approval of cabinet a couple of days ago, Finance Ministry has been prompt in issuing the order of payment of additional installment of Dearness Allowance payable from 01.01.2015.
Click here for the order dated 10.04.2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DOPT reminds to follow proper procedure in LTC claims

"This Department receives a large number of recommendations for relaxation of some or the other provision of the Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988, (hereinafter referred to as LTC Rules), in individual cases. It is seen that, in most cases the situation arises are due care had not been exercised by the Government servant and/or the administrative authority in claiming LTC or in examination. 2. The references mainly relate to:
 a) Late submission of claims; 
b) Booking of air tickets through an agency not authorised by the Government for this purpose; 
c) Travel by private vehicles; 
and d) Claims for wrong block of years. 

Telengana hikes D.A from january 2015

3.144% DA will likely be granted for Telangana Employees and Pensioners from 1st January 2015 (01.01.2015). This 3.144% New D.A will be applicable from 01.01.2015. Telangana Govt will soon release New D.A G.O for the its employees and D.R (Dearness Relief) G.O for its Pensioners. Last DA enhancement was announced in the month of September 2014. After PRC, this will be the 1st DA announcement by the Telangana state government. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cabinet approved 6% D.A for central employees and pensioners from 01.01.2015

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today gave its approval for the release of an additional installment of Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners with effect from 01.01.2015. This is an increase of six percent over the existing rate of 107 percent of the Basic Pay/Pension, to compensate for price rise.
Hence, Central Government employees as well as pensioners are entitled for DA/DR at the rate of 113 percent of the basic pay with effect from 01.01.2015. The increase is in accordance with the accepted formula based on the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission. 
The combined impact on the exchequer on account of both DA and DR would be of the order of Rs. 6762.24 crore per annum and Rs. 7889.34 crore in the Financial Year 2015-16 ( i.e. for a period of 14 months from January 2015 to February 2016). 
This will benefit 48 lakh government employees and 55 lakh pensioners. 

Click here for PIB Press Release.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bankers to get two saturdays / month as holiday, but when ?

As per the MOU signed by IBA and UFBU with reference to Xth Bipartite Agreement, second and fourth saturdays of every month will be bank holidays. Though they will have to work the other saturdays full time. The question among bankers that from when they can enjoy this extra holidays as it was hard previously that banks would be closed on alternative saturdays from April itself. But practically bank employees may have to wait a bit more to get the holidays. As per information available with us, at first the final bipartite agreement will be signed, possibly within two months. Then it will be sent to central Govt. and the Government will finally declare the additional holidays. Most likely bank employees may get the saturday holidays after a couple of months only.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Be cautious about "fake" D.A. order : Finance Ministry warns

As we are aware that central employees and pensioners are eagerly waiting for the announcement of Dearness Allowance, which is due from 1st January 2015. Though as per convention, it is announced in the month of March, but this time cabinet is yet to approve the hike.(There is a possibility of announcement on 2.4.15).
In the meantime some persons have circulated a fake order for payment of D.A. It looks like almost original (A copy of which is available with us also but we decided not to publish the fake order to avoid any possible misunderstanding) and is being  widely circulated in social medias. It may have been created for simple fun on "April Fool" day but it may have wide impact.
Ministry of Finance issued an O.M. warning against this fake order as
"It is clarified that the O.M. dated 30.03.2015, purportedly issued by the Ministry of Finance, is a fake and that no such instructions have been issued by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, all Ministries/Departments and Central Government offices are hereby advised not to take cognisance of these fake instructions being circulated in Government offices."
Click here to view the O.M. dated 1.4.2015

Central D A from Jan'15 : Announcement on Thursday ?

Central employees and pensioners are very much worried for not announcing the D A payable from 1.1.15 . Usually it is declared in the month of March but despite a number of cabinet meetings, nothing is declared yet.
As per available information. the much awaited 6% hike is going to be announced tomorrow, 2nd April.

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