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Calculate your new pay as per seventh CPC report

After the submission of 899 pages report, everybody is aware of the salient features like minimum or maximum pay, abolition of Grade Pay, revisit of other allowances etc.
But many of the Central Govt. Employees are confused about the actual hike of fitment formula. For the convenience of our viewers the calculation formula is illustrated below.
Step 1
Add pay in the pay band plus Grade Pay in the pre revised scale (6th CPC)
Step 2
Multiply the Old Total Pay (Step 1) with 2.57 (Unique Multiplication Factor)
[Remember to multiply by 2.57 in all cases]
Step 3
Put the result arrived in the previous step in the table above according to old Pay Band and Grade Pay. If the exact value is not available in the respective column, take the next higher value in the column. This ill be the new Basic Pay as per seventh CPC report.
Step 4
Add HRA @ 24% (For X cities) /18% (For Y cities)/8% (For other places)
Step 5
Add Transport Allowances as per the following table
(Find your Pay Level from the chart above based on your old Pay Band and Grade Pay)
This is the new Gross Pay after the 7th CPC Report.


Ranbir Lamba said...

7th CPC left unaddressed the issues like:
A Half Hearted Approach
1. Pension should be tax free
2. Upward revision of pension to 67/65% of last drawn.
3. Need for downward revision of 100yrs age for additional pension, additional pension to start from the age of 65 yrs.(This issue is rejected merely because defence ministry did not accept it) AGAIN A POKE BY DEFENCE MINISTRY
4. Reintroduce standard deduction @30%
5.Place selection grade Col & Brig above Time Scale IAS officers & pension should also be in HAG Scale
Commuted portion of pension to be restored in 12yrs,gratuity w/o any restriction of max. limit ,
7.Pension is a deferred wage .Hence all allowances should be paid.
8.Matrix system & 2.57 multiplication gives different pension .Further with OROP. Matrix system will give another set of pension .This
Many will not understand & bankers will give less pension
9.The hike is too less as compared to present hike of retail inflation. The multiplication factor should be 4
10.Periodical revision of CGHS rates to match market conditions .
11. Regulatory authority for healthcare facilities.
12. Arrears should be paid with interest b@ 10%
Col Lamba (one man army)

Madan said...

Worst recommendations

Madan said...

Worst recommendations ever
Fully interrupted by government
This government will never come back

S.Lakshman Rao said...

A good report : DA/DR due in the new pay/new pension is silent in the report submitted recently.If this aspect is not taken care of-before implementation,price rise will once again become a concern all round.As regards serial number 1 to 12 they are required to be addressed by Pension Grievances New Delhi,together with a separate government sanction for implementation...

Vishnu Chari said...

As you know from the 3rd CPC onwards every pay commission has been bridging the gap in pay scale between the lower rung employee( the present MSL) and the top echelon ( Secretary level officers)systematically. In the 6 CPC the ratio was 1:11.43 (80000 (secretary's pay) / 7000 (MSL pay)). In the 7 CPC the ratio has been hiked in the ratio of 1:12.5 (2.25 lqakhs/18000=12.5) which according to the socialist concept is against the norms followed upto 6CPC. I am of the view that the present ratio of 1:12.5 is to be reduced to the ratio of 1.11 if not the multiple factor of 2.57 is to be equally made applicable to all and sundry. You can see from the pay matrix that while the MSL is given the multiple factor of 2.57, the secretary level officer is given the maximum of 2.81 which is unjustified and uncalled for.

I am a veteran and in receipt of central govt. pension. I am satisfied and able to meet my requirements with the decent pension I get. I know that with implementation of 7 CPC I would get more pension than what I have been getting now. But my dear friends I would like to mention that after implementation of 7 CPC, I would not be able to enjoy as much I have been enjoying now because of expected inflation and upward revision of prices of all commodities and other white goods. Here I would like to exhort all central govt employees who are waiting eagerly to get the benefits of 7CPC, to think of those personnel who are working in pvt. sectors and other unorganized sectors with meagre wages and salary including perks and then decided whether the offers made by 7 CPC is sufficient or not for you all. As experienced during 6CPC, there was an abnormal increase in house rent of central govt employees and all house owners also increased the rental value exponentially higher rate. The same phenomena will happen now also which will very adversely affect the personnel working in pvt. sector and other unorganised sectors. Therefore be happy and contend with what you all get and thank Govt. for whatever is provided.

Anonymous said...

Central govt employees are not happy with 7th cpc recommendation. Please think about present economic condition of employees of govt of west bengal.

Rao said...

Today a pensioner's basic is Rs 100 say and his DA is Rs 125 , hence present pension is Rs 225. His new pension will be close to Rs 257. The increase is thus 257 /225 = 1.14 or 14% increase. Why the media is saying 24% increase for pensioners, when it is actually 14% only?

Ranson Gomez said...

7 CPC has recommended Military service pay (MSP) of Rs.15500 for officers and Rs. 5200 for JCO/ORs. The CPC had applied the same multiple factor for both officers and below officers. However I feel that JCOs and their equivalents in Navy and Air Force should be given higher rate of MSP as compared to ORs. Considering the job profile and the responsibilities JCOs and equivallents shoulder they are to be given at least 45 to 50% of MSP of officers. The rate of MSP for JCOs should be Rs. 7000 to 7500 per month. The service headquarters has to consider upward revision of MSP of JCOs and equivalents.

Ranson Gomez said...

The Govt. has to dish out more than 1.02 lakhs crores to implement the recommendations of 7 CPC. I do not know whether the Central Govt. will be in a position to accept the recommendations in totto.Instead of giving lavishly to their employees it would be very wise to hold on the implementation of 7 CPC recommendations for a while and invest the same amount for development of smart cities and infrastructures for this country which would benefit all and sundry. As on date the central govt. employees are already getting much more salary and perks as compared to the employees of private and unorganized sectors. As per central govt. labour contract scheme, a skilled worker is given a consolidated wages of Rs 9000 to 11000 per month whereas the lower ranked employee of central govt is getting much more than the contract employees. Since two half yearly DAs are being provided to off set the inflation plus increase in cost of various essential items there exists no hurry to implement 7 CPC recommendation and it can be implemented in stages. The Govt. should now concentrate on development of smart cities and infrastructures as promised. Being a retired central govt. employee I can still wait for some more time to get the 7 CPC benefits provided the Govt. is willing to divert the huge amount of 7 CPC benefits for developmental purposes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why some people are so jealous about pay hike of central govt. employees. After all the govt. employees are backbone of the government. They are the executors of the policy and programmes made by the government. In 6th CPC while increasing the pay, the commission has rightly pointed out that deserving pay to the govt. employees will reduce the level of corruption. Which has also rightly reflected in the mindset of the public during the last decade. Corruption is not only with the employees but with the system and its mechanism. Moreover, increase in pay will not benefit only a particular employee, rather it will benefit the entire chain during the course including the economy. The thing is that a class-4 employee is getting a benefit of Rs.2250/- after ten years and will continue with that pay structure for another ten years. The main concern is that government has hiked the pay of the higher level officers at a multiple of 2.82 of basic pay, who are also having other ancillary benefits in the form of perquisites, whereas in lower grade that is 2.57. This ratio needs to be minimised. Further, the adverse criticism on such a meagre increase in 7th CPC and its downward recommendations is nothing but a sick mentality. One economist in a TV interview was arguing that why the pay commission was reviewed by the group of Secretaries. I would like to suggest him that he should first try to remove the teeth of a dentist by a carpenter or plumber and not by a doctor.

Anonymous said...

The Gazette Notification is silent on the Govt stance on the bunching aspect of the fitment formula. This will leave persons who have been adversely affected by successive Pay Commissions drawing anomalous pay awaiting redressal without any fora for redressal. The splitting of the cadre of Rs 7500 payscale of fifth pay commission into two grade pays which is now further accentuated by depriving benefit of MACP to persons who do not see their second promotion even after 25 years by babus in sixth pay commission and by govt now. They will also draw lesser pay than their juniors who will be promoted on implementation of the scheme. Can a post be carried on this vexatious issue?

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