Tuesday, October 25, 2016

7th CPC : Minimum wage and multiplication factor - outcome of the meeting

Brief of the meeting held today with Addl. Secretary (Exp.), Deptt. of Exp., MoF(Govt. of India) to discuss the recommendations of the 7th CPC

"A meeting was held today (24th October) between the Addl. Secretary (Exp.), Deptt. of Exp., MoF(Govt. of India) and Staff Side, National Council(JCM), to discuss the issues of Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor.
The Staff Side explained in detail about the amendments required in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula.
The Official Side mentioned that, they are trying to find out some solution to resolve the issues of Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula raised by the Staff Side."

Communication from Sri Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secy, NCJCM)


Anonymous said...

"Will be considered", "Assured", "Trying to" etc,etc ...... and all these are more than satisfactory for leaders each time.

Anil Srivastava said...

These leaders cannot do anything. This government has made up its mind not to give anything to Government servants.This is their policy. These leaders do not have spine and are leaders without followers and have lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen,leaders can't do anything,

Anonymous said...

We are already assured by group of cabinet ministers regarding hike in fitment formula probably 100 days ago, procrastination from their side still continue!!

Anonymous said...

Now,the Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers started strike preparations.They are raising the previous demands of NJCA.The Confederation is only one of the affiliates of NJCA.and has justified the decision of NJCA in "deferring" the previous strike and stated that a strike not under the umbrella of NJCA will break the unity of workers..Now,NJCA is silent about agitations.If the move of Confederation is sincere,it should openly come out against the silence of NJCA.But,this is not what is happening.The leaders of Confederation are trying to save the face of NJCA leaders,especially Shivagopal Mishra by keeping silence about the present stand of NJCA.This is nothing but cheating and making fool of the member employees of the Confederation."Chalo Delhi"slogan raised by the Confederation is a clever move to hide the betrayal of NJCA.The history will not forgive you for this.

Anonymous said...

"Confederation National Secretariat after reviewing these developments has decided to intensify the campaign and agitational programmes demanding the Government to honour its assurance given to NJCA leadership and also to settle the 20 point charter of demands. Make the 7th November 2016 mass dharna programme a grand success. Ensure maximum participation of employees in the 15th December 2016 massive Parliament March. Get ready for strike."CIRCULAR DATED 26TH OCTOBER 2016.
This circular make it crystal clear that the assurances were given to NJCA and not exclusively to the Confederation or any other affiliate of NJCA.The strike was deferred as per the call of NJCA.If the Government is not honouring the assurances made to NJCA,it is the NJCA and not the Confederation or any other affiliate to go for a strike.Now,where is NJCA?Why the Confederation is mum about the silence,in other word,cheating,of the NJCA leadership?

Anonymous said...

bilkul sachchi bat kahi apne.

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